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Excuse me for feeling a bit smug.

I launch my book  Agile Fu: Leadership Development for the Project Management of Innovation Teams this coming Monday! It will be free for a limited time before being released for the paying public.

I’ve been working on it in my head for years, but spent the last few weeks committing it to paper… well e-paper!

You can check it out for your self by clicking this here link

Managing an innovative project seems a lot like managing any other project. You brainstorm and idea, create milestones and then wait while your innovation team sets to work. Unfortunately the reality is far from this.

The simple truth about innovation is that it’s more than just having an idea. It’s just not that easy to manage a bunch of creative people.

The people who succeed in innovation understand the balance between creativity and commerciality. They understand how to collaborate and keep the team focused.

Moreover, they know how to build a culture of trust with the team making the innovation and the investors paying for it.

The good news is it’s not hard to improve your innovation success. Agile is an amazing methodology that’s evolved to work through the difficulties involved in taking an idea through to a finished product. Understand how it works and you’ll produce one innovative product after the other.

DISCOVER: Strategies for Managing the Development of Innovative Products

“Agile Fu: Leadership Development for the Project Management of Innovation Teams” details a variety of techniques that will improve your ability to produce innovative products.

Inside this guide you’ll discover:

How to manage creative people with influence

    • Lean Development and the Minimum Viable Product
    • Defining timeboxed deadlines
    • Defining light touch management roles
    • Creating User Stories detailing the problem not the solution
    • Technology to manage agile development
    • Estimation of tasks and prediction of workflow
    • The Lean concepts of Complete, Continue, Cancel or Pivot
    • How to Sell Agile to Third Parties

So if you get a moment. Please download it and grab yourself a bargain.

You can find it by clicking this link here:




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