Agile Checklist

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The goal of my blog and podcast is to answer questions you might have about running a business that innovates products.
Simply call (or write in) and I’ll answer it for an entire episode.

But before you jump into the content, I want to offer you something (for free) that will maximize your innovation efforts.

You see, whenever I start a project, I print out and review a checklist that I pass it to all of my team. I use this to give them a light understanding how a project is managed using the Agile project management methodology. With this list, I never have to wonder: “does my team have a foundation in Agile?” Instead, the entire book lists out in step by step detail the innovation process in a simple chatty way.

Now I’d like to offer the Agile Checklist to you for free.

As a super bonus I will also send you a free copy of my Innovation Checklist too. This details all the steps needed to innovate a new idea .

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