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Hey there! Thanks for checking out the “about” page of the Smash Thinking blog.

My aim of the is simple—to answer any question you have on how to successfully run an innovative business.

These topics barely scratch the surface of what’s possible. So if you want to get a “quick start” information, then let me recommend the Free Agile Checklist.

Ideas are the currency of this generation. To cash in you need to be able to come up with and then go on to produce great innovations. My name is Paul Ranson and I am an innovator. I believe that the key to being successful is to be there to help as many people solve their innovation problems. My aim in writing this blog is to help people become successful in businesses and help them innovate new and exciting projects. I do this using the experiences I have gained making innovative products over the last 30 years.

About Paul Ranson (The Entrepreneur)

Hi there! My name is Paul Ranson—the voice behind the podcast.

“Proven Innovation Techniques for delivered over a virtual lunch”

I think that training organizations sometime mistake their packaging for the content. They charge extortionate rates for people to attend conferences with a free lunch and then simply to hand over a few snippets of information.

Quality information shouldn’t be expensive and need not include free lunch. What you need and what I hope I supply is a variety of detailed strategies distilled down into chunks that can be read in a lunch hour: Each one is designed to help you solve a specific innovative business obstacle and *smash the thinking* that sometimes holds back would be entrepreneurs.

I have trialled a number of different strategies in my professional career. Some have been wildly successful and others spectacular failures. I subscribe to the notion that it is better to have an interesting failure than a boring success… well as I say that the interesting successes are obviously best!

Over the years I have run a variety of video game companies selling two in trade sales. the first in the heady days of the 1990’s.

I have written blogs and taught Gamification at Coventry University’s Serious Games Institute.

These days I write coach and consult with investors and entrepreneurs alike. I am passionate about innovations and innovative strategies.

About Paul (The Person)

I was born in the North of England an area synonymous with wet weather and a a creative Manchester scene. I am not university educated, but like to think of myself as a student of the world.

My day to day life is fairly routine. I work, walk my dog and enjoy a variety of hobbies. Mostly I like to spend time chatting with my partner, family and friends either at home or the local pub.

I am passionate about the countryside of south and west Wales and I spend as many weekends as I can immersed in the country and culture. I am lucky enough to have a house that overlooks the delirious gorgeous gower peninsular.